Friday, 5 October 2012


When I travel, I normally use air travel to save time. This can make flight delays very frustrating.

Once on my way to Madras, I had a stopover in Colombo, Suddenly the chief steward announced over the public address system that there would be a delay of several hours, necessitating a “night stay” in Colombo.

The passengers were sure they couldn’t have heard correctly, because it was only 9 am! Several began to complain and grumble. Some started getting angry. No one was willing to move out of the airport area.

While we were waiting for transportation to the hotel I decided to put Proverbs 12:25 into action: “Anxious hearts are very heavy, but a word of encouragement does wonders!” I looked around and shouted: “We are going to have a nice day here, not a night stay! That’s what I heard them say.”

Sometimes we feel powerless to change our attitude. But when we change our thoughts, we change the world around us. It’s true that we don’t have strength within us to counteract the strong influence of certain situations. That is the time we must turn to God for help.. In God, we have great power; that’s why we say that with God’s grace we can change the worst into best.

Dr. John Haggai has taught me the definition of grace. He said, “Grace is God giving us freely what He requires of us.” God wants me to change my attitude. Since I don’t have the power to do that myself, God, by grace, gives me the power to do it.

The airline put us up in a five-star hotel, where we enjoyed free meals. And we went sight-seeing. Then, around 5:30pm, we were told that the ground engineers had repaired the radar equipment of the aircraft, and we were all called back to resume our flight. As it turned out, we really did have a nice day instead of a night stay.

God’s grace can help change attitudes.

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