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Raise Your Line of Limitations Part II

Raise Your Line of Limitations Part II
Continued from previous blog…
Johny’s scar was a skin burn caused while he was cyanosed for over two hours in June 1996. A team of a dozen people, including doctors, tried to revive him, as the attack happened during the day. Among the many things they used to treat him, was a hot-water bag to warm up his chest. It resulted in severe skin burns both on his chest and back. For several weeks, he could only lie down on his side.
I was away when the cyanosis occurred—the worst and the longest he experienced in all his years. When I returned from my trip abroad, I found him sitting on a stool (with no skin across large areas of his chest and back) and writing, “even when everything looks bad, God is good”.
Later I found another thought, in his diary, “God chooses what we go through, but we choose how we go through it”. Surely, it is our choice whether to praise God for all things at all times, or curse and murmur and think negatively.
The skin burn on his chest was healed in about six weeks. But the burn on his back persisted. After two months, we took Johny to the hospital for skin graft surgery. When everything was ready, the Doctors found severe bacterial infection on the skin that was to be peeled off from his thigh for grafting onto his back. So he was sent home with medication for three weeks to control the infection.
On our way home from the hospital, Johny told me, “Perhaps we are giving a little more time to God to heal me without surgery”. He was willing to undergo skin graft surgery, although he would have preferred being healed without it. Anyway he was happy that the surgery was postponed.
After three weeks, we checked with the hospital about bringing him back for skin graft surgery. This time, the hospital informed us that the surgeon was on sick-leave. By the time he returned, we found that the burn on his back had been covered with a thin layer of skin. There was no need for skin graft after all! Since then, we began to say, “Let us give a little more time to God”—instead of jumping into a sudden and hurried course of action.

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