Sunday, 23 June 2013

Some Encouraging thoughts from Johny (Late John George Samuel) 

  • If worldly men can suffer for a worldly cause, how much more we should, for a Heavenly cause? (Acts. 14:22; 1 Pet. 4:1; 2 Tim. 3:12) 
  • God will not look you over for medals, degrees or diplomas, but for scars. (Rom. 5:3; Ps. 119:71; John. 5:3) 
  • Life is not to be salvaged out of the world, but an investment to be used in the world”. (Luke. 15:32; Acts. 16:10; 2 Tim. 4:11) 
  • Amidst my list of blessing infinite stands this foremost, that My heart has bled for you. (1 Pet. 1:18; Rom. 5:9; Eph. 2:13) 
  • “The heart that serves, loves, and clings, hears everywhere, the rush of angel’s wings”. (Gen. 39:5; Num. 25:8; 2 Sam. 9:3) 
  • “There is no high hill but beside some deep valley. There is no birth without a pang”. (Prov. 22:4; Num. 12:3; Mark. 6:8) 

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